with your pilot id or email, or register


Posted by Royce Reid on 08/04/2014

Sorry for the down time. †Forgot to renew my domain name.

Teamspeak is back up. †Address is


Posted by Royce Reid on 03/09/2013

GAPS Galaxy Auto Pirep system is here!  You can download it on TeamSpeak.


Posted by Royce Reid on 05/29/2011

Sweet, Jim, and Jerrell, you guys now should be able to approve PIREPS and post news items.

Auto Pireps

Posted by Royce Reid on 12/25/2010

Galaxy VA offers various forms for filing a PIREP.† The easiest way is to use KaCARS.† You can download it here.†† Once installed, open the options menu.† Under the Base URL enter† Then enter your Pilot ID and password.† Everything else should be easy to follow. †Additionally if you fly on the VATSIM or IVACO networks, use your Galaxy VA Pilot ID as your call sign and your PIREP will atuomatically be filled.